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CT performed on admission for patients with suspected acute appendicitis can predict hospital resource utilization.

The internal battles in radiology.

A look at three radiologists who left their practices to train in fellowships.

Radiologists and nonradiologists must come to a consensus regarding who educates patients about radiation risks from diagnostic imaging.

Draft recommendations from the USPSTF on colorectal cancer screening omit CT colonography as a preferred screening method.

Use of ultrasound and MRI among children is rising, while CT imaging drops.

Case History: 25-year-old patient presents for antenatal ultrasound.

As radiology practices continue to navigate the ICD-10 implementation, a look at how it can help the field.

Ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm would save more lives of people aged 75 or older, rather than nonsmoking 65-year-olds.

Medical students are actually calling their radiology rotation a “radiation vacation.”


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