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The scariest part of the middle-of-the-night call for a radiologist is the lack of efficiency.

Business analytics are useful for more than just a radiology practice’s financial performance.

A personal experience with dose that confirms the need for a push for mobile DR.

Changes in malpractice standard legislation in three states had little effect on advanced imaging use in the emergency room.

Radiology residents who take phone calls in the reading room may become distracted, reducing their diagnostic accuracy.

Case History: 12 year old female presented with fever, altered sensorium, and seizures over a six week period.

Increasing use of cardiac stress testing with imaging may be unnecessary and adds to cost and patient exposure to radiation.

[VIDEO] Radiology is at a crossroads and the first issue to be dealt with is change, says Sanjay Jain, MD, MBA.

Radiologists can choose to be gurus or geeks.

50-year-old patient presented for screening mammogram. Extremely dense breast tissue was noted.


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