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For this “10 Questions” series, we spoke with Bruce Reiner, MD, about his work and the future of radiology.

This Q&A series explores radiology’s role in overdiagnosis in a variety of conditions.

Say something, radiologist!

Medical schools around the country are using different strategies to get students interested in radiology.

Multi detector computed tomography for autoimmune pancreatitis may not provide fully accurate diagnosis if abnormalities are detected.

Case History: Ventriculomegaly with no apparent cerebellum in 30-week and 3-day live intrauterine pregnancy.

Radiology managers don't expect their imaging departments to be less profitable, according to the MICI survey.

Philips introduces mobile, app-based ultrasound.

If only radiologists could learn to make incompetence in health care funny.

Doctors order many diagnostic tests for their patients, but the results of those tests are often not reaching the right clinicians quickly enough.


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