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Philips Revamps Customer Service with RightFit

Philips Revamps Customer Service with RightFit

Royal Philips Electronics will start rolling out simplified medical imaging support and service agreements in North America on Tuesday, July 5 ,the company has announced.

Philips said the changes are a result of two years of customer (and non-customer) interviews, analysis, and $2.5 million in market-research outlays. RightFit allows healthcare organizations to customize service coverage and support options for medical imaging equipment to their specific maintenance, clinical and business needs, the company says.

"It was clear from these discussions that no two organizations have the same priorities when it comes to servicing medical imaging equipment. Our RightFit Service Agreements can be tailored to each organization's mission, vision and real-world challenges to help enhance their healthcare delivery and fiscal viability," said Greg Sebasky, general manager and executive vice president, Global Services, Philips Healthcare.

RightFit Service Agreements provide a range of services designed to help increase system uptime, optimize in-house technical expertise, improve workflow efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership and the ability to customize, the company added. Unlike conventional service contracts, RightFit gives hospitals and imaging centers whose needs change over time the opportunity to move from one plan to another on their anniversary date, even if they are in the middle of a contract.

In addition, RightFit offers service enhancements such as technology upgrades to keep hardware and software up to date, Philips’ Utilization Services to help improve system performance, as well as healthcare consulting and clinical applications education to help hospitals and imaging centers provide the highest quality care possible. Philips Multi-Vendor Service offerings are also available to give hospitals the flexibility to consolidate all of their service requirements under one contract.


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