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Sterling expands DR to 14 x 17 format

Sterling expands DR to 14 x 17 format

Film and digital imaging vendor Sterling Diagnostic Imaging will showcase its latest work in Direct Radiography, a work-in-progress technology for direct conversion of x-rays into digital data. Sterling debuted DR at the RSNA meeting last year in the company's previous incarnation as Du Pont's Medical Products group (SCAN 12/13/95).

Since then, Sterling, of Glasgow, DE, has worked on expanding the size of the DR detector to 14 x 17 inches, according to Deborah DuBois, senior vice president and business manager of the DR program. Sterling will demonstrate a 14 x 17 version of DR, and is still targeting a commercial release date of 1998 for DR products, DuBois said.

Other news at Sterling's booth is the company's major investment in new printing technology. Sterling in October announced a deal with Polaroid in which Sterling would buy the assets of Polaroid's Helios dry-process laser imaging technology (SCAN 11/6/96). Sterling will take over manufacturing and marketing of Helios printers, although Polaroid will continue to manufacture Helios film. Sterling plans to begin selling Helios by January.

In addition to Helios, Sterling last month released details on its work developing a new non-laser dry printer with Tektronix (SCAN 11/20/96). The as-yet unnamed printer is based on ink-jet technology developed by Tektronix and adapted for the medical imaging market by Sterling. Shipments of that product, which will occupy a lower price point than Helios, are expected in the third quarter of 1997.


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