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Jonathan Leffert, MD

Jonathan Leffert, MD

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Unaffiliated ERs are becoming popular due to their convenience, but are the high prices worth the level of care?

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A lot has been said about the proposed GOP healthcare bill, but, if implemented, would it be beneficial?


Humana and Aetna's merger didn't work out — but the real story is how much Aetna was willing to pay to just back out of the agreement.


Prescribing more medication to a patient isn't always the answer and can be dangerous, as this doctor recently learned.


One doctor thinks the Department of Veterans Affairs made a huge mistake in giving nurse practitioners independence practice authority.


From this doctor's point of view, EHRs make little sense when it comes to dollars and cents.

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After watching the final Presidential debate of the 2016 election, one physician wonders where do we go from here?


This doctor has a problem with the sometimes cold efficiency of the patient-doctor experience in today's healthcare system.

Healthcare reform promises to improve care, reduce cost, and afford more people access to care. But at what cost will those goals come?

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Many doctors are afraid to address a patient's obesity with them. This is the wrong approach, says one doctor.


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