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Terry Brenneman, MD

Terry Brenneman, MD

Dr. Brenneman is the founding partner of a small, independent pediatric practice. He has a special interest in vaccines, serving as a Principal Investigator for multiple clinical trials and has given numerous talks on vaccines throughout the southeast. Medical students and nurse practitioner students rotate through his office and he was named "Preceptor of the Year" by the University of North Carolina School of Nursing. Dr. Brenneman serves on the Editorial Board of PatientCareOnline.com.

Posts by Author

Congressman urges Hurricane Harvey victims to get a tetanus shot. Medical myth or mandatory?

Figuring out how to bring a child up-to-date with missed vaccinations can be confusing enough, even without a language barrier.

The topic of HPV vaccination can be a loaded one for parents. Click here for some rational data to help then face facts.

Fingers point in all directions when the topic of low US HPV vaccination rates comes up. How to skip the drama? Just do it.

Once a vaccine is drawn up, the clock starts ticking. How long do you actually have? Try these 2 questions, and download a CDC guide at the end.

Which vaccines should you repeat when a SQ injection is given IM or vice versa?

Find out what you know about on- and off-label use of the newest DTaP/IPV combination vaccine based on this short scenario.

Even when a parent begs, you may still have to say “no” to MMR. Which of these 4 children should not receive the vaccination?

How do US figures on child mortality from vaccine preventable diseases compare with global stats? Update here, plus a brief review of vaccine efficacy.

This Patient Care Special Report updates you on pediatric vaccines in a series of clever clinical scenarios. First, the intro and pretest.


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