Case Studies

Case Studies

Case History: 43-year-old female with right upper abdominal pain and discomfort after eating.

Case History: 7-year-old female with complaints of convulsions for one year.

Case History: 44-year-old male with history of left knee pain presents with erosion of the distal femur and loss of collateral ligament.

Case History: 2-year-old female with complains of difficulty breathing, paroxysmal coughing, and wheezing for one day.

Case History: Two-year-old female with cough with expectoration and high-grade fever.

Case History: Skeletal survey for coarse facial features, short stature, spinal deformity in male child of normal intelligence.

Case History: 47-year-old male with headaches followed by generalized tonic-clonic convulsions.


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