Case Studies

Case Studies

Case History: 54-year-old male presents with palpable right retroareolar abnormality.

Case History: Female patient in early 60s with abdominal pain and nausea.

Case History: 29-year-old female, five days postpartum, presented with painful swelling and palpable lump.

Case History: 45-year-old female with vague pain in the abdomen.

Case History: 35-year-old patient with gradually progressive, painless swelling in left parotid region, unremarkable history.

Case History: 20-year-old female with mild pain in left knee joint area, no history of injury and laboratory test was normal for inflammation or rheumatoid.

Case History: 58-year-old male with intermittent mild pain in left knee. No previous remarkable trauma; no correlation between pain and physical activity.


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