Case Studies

Case Studies

Case History: A 26-year-old male presented with complaints of pain and swelling in his left knee joint. He had sustained a knee injury due to falling from a bicycle one month prior.

Case History: 60-year-old female with complaint of breathlessness during rest, unrelated to smoke/dust; non-purulent non-blood stained whitish expectorant in cough; fever.

Case History: A 33-year-old patient presented with history abdominal discomfort for 5 months.

Clinical History: In September 2011, a 76-year-old male presented for a routine multiparametric MRI to follow a Gleason 6 cancer as part of his Active Surveillance program.

Case History: An 18-year-old patient came with complaints of fever and weakness in lower limbs for seven days. Lab investigation showed reduced platelets and Dengue positive serolology.

Case History: A 49-year-old man with a history of right pyriform sinus carcinoma was assessed every 6 months for evaluation of tumor recurrence.

Knife in Skull

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