Case Studies

Case Studies

Case History: 10-year-old male child presents with six-month history of difficulty opening mouth.

Case History: 36-year-old Asian male presented with complaints of a first episode of generalized tonic-clonic convulsions

Case History: 40-year-old patient with one-week history of seizure and altered sensorium.

Case History: 52-year-old woman with 12-month history of right upper quadrant pain and no other symptoms.

Case History: 82-year-old male presented with acute onset of right inguinal region mass.

Case History: 58-year-old male with 3-day history of waxing and waning intensity abdominal pain.

Case History: 25-year-old female with intermittent proptosis of eye worsened by straining, coughing, and in prone position.


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