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2017 Compensation Survey: Radiologic Technologists

2017 Compensation Survey: Radiologic Technologists

  • It's a female-dominated field with 60% of radiologic technologist respondents identifying as female. They are also younger than radiologists and radiology administrators, reporting at approximately 48 years versus 51 years each.
  • More than half of respondents work in a hospital setting. Academic medical centers and single-specialty practices came in second at 10.2% each.
  • Radiologic technologist respondents also work with smaller practices. Approximately 37% work with practices with 1-to-5 radiologists. All total, nearly 85% work in practices with fewer than 30 radiologists.
  • More than one-third of radiologic technologists have more than 20 years experience. Twenty-eight percent have been in the field fewer than 10 years.
  • Radiologic technologists clock a more regular work week than radiology administrators or radiologists. Roughly 70% work a 31-to-40 hour work week.
  • Radiologic technologists work mostly with X-ray, CT, and MRI imaging.
  • The average salary for radiologic technologist respondents was approximately $68,700. This is slightly higher than the 2016 Compensation Survey results which had the mean salary at $60,000.
  • Corresponding with the 2016 Compensation Survey results, more than half of radiologic technologists respondents reported no change in their salary from the 2016 survey.
  • Radiologic technologists feel "average" about their salary, but more than 10% were extremely i satisfied with their compensation.
  • Radiologic technologists are overwhelmingly satisfied with their career choices, with nearly 80%r of respondents indicating they were very or extremely satisfied with their career choice.

Diagnostic Imaging’s annual compensation survey results are in. Find out how your salary compares with that of other radiologic technologists' and whether they are happy or not with their career choices.

What about the rest of the people in your department? Find out here.

Values have been rounded. Data based on U.S. respondents.

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I see that Rad Techs are still racking in the large dough now
that has been established How about passing some bucks down to
this lady for a job well done.

Teri Taylor Wallace

Teri @

That's so funny. Rad techs are still complaining about low pay. Doesn't make sense.

George @

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