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2017 Compensation Survey: Radiology Administrators

2017 Compensation Survey: Radiology Administrators

  • Since 2015, female respondents have surpassed male among radiology administrators -- 51. 3% female to 48.7% male. The mean age was 51.7 years.
  • The majority of radiology administrator respondents work in hospitals (43.8%) or outpatient imaging centers (19.2%). Only 8.2% each reported working with an academic medical center or single-specialty practice.
  • Most radiology administrator respondents work at practices of fewer than 30 radiologists.
  • The level of experience continues to grow. Roughly 64% of radiology administrators have more than 20 years experience.
  • Radiology administrators work long hours alongside radiologists. Nearly 88% work between 41 and 75 hours a week.
  • As with years past, radiology administrator salaries slide along a wide range. The most common salary -- 16.9% of respondents -- was the highest at $150,000 or more.
  • Compared to the 2015 Compensation Survey, radiology administrator salaries remained largely the same -- 33 percent saw no change. Forty-eight percent saw their salaries rise by less than 5 percent.
  • Approximately 40% of radiology administrators feel satisfied with their salaries. Still, nearly 6% are extremely unsatisfied with their compensation.
  • More than 75% of radiology administrator respondents reported being very or extremely satisfied with their career choice.

Diagnostic Imaging’s annual compensation survey results are in. Find out how your salary compares with other radiology administrators' and whether they are happy or not with their career choices.

What about the rest of the people in your department? Find out here.

Values have been rounded. Data based on U.S. respondents.

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