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Radiologist Compensation Survey 2012

Radiologist Compensation Survey 2012

  • In 2012, about 57 percent of radiologists surveyed earned more than $300,000, comparable to the amount earned according to last year’s survey.
  • Just 4 percent of respondents reported drawing more than 50 percent of their salary from bonuses and other monetary incentives. More than 43 percent received no bonuses, and 35.5 percent said less than 10 percent of their salary was drawn from other incentives.A third of radiologists said their income was down by more than 10 percent compared with last year, while about 4 percent reported their income was up by more than 10 percent.
  • Most radiologists (54 percent) reported working 41 to 60 hours a week on average, while 10 percent are clocking more than 75 hours.For the most part, uncertainty of Medicare reimbursements has not impact radiologists' acceptance of Medicare patients.
  • A majority (70 percent) reported that their practice's overhead was 30 percent or less of medical revenue. But 32.2 percent said it was greater than last year.
  • More than 51 percent of respondents reported their net income for their practice was "disappointing," slightly higher than in last year's survey.Many radiologists are adding ancillary services or taking on work outside of their practices.
  • Fewer radiologists reported that they may have to close their practice doors in the next few years, compared with last year's survey in which 17 percent had a poor outlook. More than 15 percent characterized their practice as "robust," compared with 4 percent last year.
  • In the next five years, most radiologists plan to continue practicing as they are, while 15.7 percent will seek a partnership and more than 17 percent plan to retire.

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