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Inability to Move Shoulder After Tackle

Inability to Move Shoulder After Tackle

  • 16-year-old with immediate pressure on his chest, inability to move left shoulder after tackled in football.
  • Figure 1. Clinical presentation showing an anterior displacement of the left clavicle.
  • Figure 2. Chest X-ray showing left clavicle asymmetry.
  • Figure 3. Coronal CT demonstrating proximal clavicle fracture with sternoclavicular joint separation.
  • On follow-up with team physician due to the concern for sternoclavicular dislocation, CT was ordered.
  • CT of the chest revealed a non-displaced comminuted fracture of the clavicle, anterior clavicle displacement of 7.7 mm and no sternoclavicular joint dislocation.
  • Since the sternoclavicular joint was intact and there was no displacement, nonoperative treatment option was recommended for the patient and he improved clinically, returning to sports with overhead activity.

Case History: A 16-year-old African American with immediate pressure on his chest and inability to move his left shoulder after being tackled during a football game. 

He was evaluated on the sideline by the team physician who suspected an anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation due to his presentation.


cann´t advance Pictures. Luxation of the sterno-clavicular articulation (left)?

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