February 1, 2009
Game changes with new portable and wireless digital radiography
X-ray, the past and current workhorse in radiology, still garners the majority of all imaging studies. But when it comes to new advances, the modality tends not to generate the excitement associated with the higher tech alternatives of CT, MR, and PET. That may have changed a bit with the 2008 RSNA meeting. A new generation of portable digital radiography detectors shouldered its way onto the stage and drew a lot of attention on the exhibit floor. These detectors, which can operate independently both in and outside of the radiography suite, promise new economies for those who have embraced DR and those yet to do so.

December 4, 2008
Portable DR detectors proliferate at RSNA 2008
Flat-panel detectors designed to be pulled from one bucky and put into another -- or simply set upright or laid flat on patient tables -- redefined general radiography suites featured on the RSNA exhibit floor this year.

March 14, 2008
Dollars and sense in innovation
Give me a good gadget and I'm happy. I think a lot of people in radiology would say the same thing. It's the reason crowds gathered 15 years ago to see 3D reconstructions revolving aimlessly in space. It's why MR was a hit in the early 1980s. Other times, however, an advanced technology stumbles and bumbles for years on end. A decade ago I was certain that digital radiography would take the world by storm. X-ray was the backbone of medical imaging and sorely in need of enhancement.

April 1, 2008
Digital radiography demand sputters as the boom busts
Digital radiography has been growing by leaps and bounds. Demand in the U.S. jumped 41% in 2004, 32% the next year, and 25% the year after that. Then, suddenly, in 2007, the market flattened. So far this year, it has shown no signs of recovering.

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