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High-field imaging: Exploring the Possibilities

MR research plumbs form and function

By Jane Lowers, Supplements Editor

A survey of primary–care physicians put MRI at the top of the list of innovations that have changed patient care for the better, ahead of drug therapies for cancer and cardiac disease or transplant procedures. (Viagra came in at the bottom of the list.)

MR’s ability to image tissue details has made it useful for conditions from brain masses to arthritis, but it has also received a certain amount of gee–whiz attention for its catchy functional brain images and for experiments with 3–, 7–, and even 8–tesla machines. Every week, it seems, a new study using MR uncovers a little more about the anatomical roots of human behavior or shows the exquisite detail a high–field scanner can coax out of small anatomy.

As the authors in this supplement make clear, the everyday and the exotic are not mutually exlusive in MR imaging. Functional imaging and high–field imaging, while relatively new, are building a reputation for uncovering clinically useful findings unobserved on conventional 1.5–tesla scans. Not every patient who presents with seizure will need more than the traditional sequences on a 1.5–tesla scanner can offer, but the research on high–field imaging presents exciting diagnostic options for those who do.

Diffusion MRI finds new indications

Diffusion MRI finds new indications

Diffusion tensor imaging offers fresh approach to diagnosis of brain disorders

By Stephan E. Maier, M.D., Ph.D., Martha E. Shenton, Ph.D., and Ferenc A. Jolesz, M.D.

Neuroimaging expands with 
functional MRI

Neuroimaging expands with functional MRI

Technique provides vital information for presurgical mapping and evaluation of lesions near eloquent cortex

By Joseph A. Maldjian, M.D., and Jonathan H. Burdette, M.D.

3-telsa MRI bests 
1.5-telsa in body and brain

3–tesla MRI bests 1.5–tesla in body and brain

High field strength machines provide faster and better scanning

By Karen Sandrick

3-telsa body imaging offers 
diagnostic promise

3–tesla body imaging offers diagnostic promise

Technology once reserved for brain imaging reveals higher resolution in multiple applications

By Robert E. Lenkinski, Ph.D., and Neil M. Rofsky, M.D.

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