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Breast Lump

Breast Lump

  • 55-year-old female with left breast, upper, central lump.
  • Figure 1. Left breast CC and MLO views demonstrate a partially-defined, lobulated, dense mass with clusters of microcalcifications along its margin and another linear distal microcalcifications cluster.
  • Figure 2. Shows a microlobulated septated complex left breast mass with posterior enhancement at the 12:00 region measuring about 26x20x25 mm.
  • Diagnosis: Left breast intracystic papillary carcinoma associated with DCIS
  • Intracystic papillary carcinoma is the second most common breast cancer in men.
  • Papillary carcinomas are classified histologically into intraductal and intracystic papillary carcinoma.
  • Radiological findings may show on mammogram as an oval or lobulated, circumscribed lesion.
  • Color Doppler is helpful to demonstrate the intramural blood flow within the solid component of the mass.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is sensitive but not specific in detecting papillary tumors.

Case History: 55-year-old female with left breast, upper, central lump.


mucinous carcinoma breast


This mass most likely is malignant but whatever to be, the answer depends on the result of histopathology following the resection. If the mass is malognant; then lobectomy, simple mastectomy, radical mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy all depend on the stage and receptor status of the tumor but in every step the patient's perspective should be taken in consideration.
Before any invasive procedure, a goog clinical examination of both breasts, axillary nodes, chest and abdomen is necessory.
Subsequent imaging of lung fields, abdomen and bones are crucial in assessment of every case of breast cancer.
Biochemical and hematological assessment are of parallel importance.
If the mass is proved to be a benign one then the story will be differing and simple resection may be all that need.

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Images are marked right and everything else reads left.

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What is the treatment? Mastectomy, lumpectomy (which does not seem likely given the linear portion of this tumor), chemotherapy?

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