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8-year-old, Neck Pain, Weak Limb

8-year-old, Neck Pain, Weak Limb

  • 8-year-old male presented with neck pain and right upper limb weakness for two months.
  • Figure 1. Sagittal T1WI showed intradural extramedullary oval-shaped, well-defined hyperintense mass indenting the posterior aspect of the spinal cord extends from C2 to D1 level.
  • Figure 2. Sagittal T2WI showed hyper intensity of the mass.
  • Figure 3. MR myelography shows CSF concavity below the mass confirming its intradural location.
  • Figure 4. Axial T2WI show effaced spinal cord.
  • Figure 5. Sagittal post contrast showed mild heterogeneous enhancement.
  • Figure 6. Sagittal DWI showed decreased diffusivity of the mass, its ADC at (b=1000) was 0.43x10−3 mm2/s.
  • Diagnosis: Intradural extramedullary lipoma
  • Spinal cord lipomas are uncommon, accounting for approximately 1% of all spinal cord tumors.
  • The more common lipomatous malformations, associated with spinal dysraphism have been extensively reviewed in the literature.
  • Lipoma pathogenesis could be a result of a developmental error, in which lipoma can arise from inclusions of embryonic rests, within the meninges during the formation of the neural tube.
  • The low density of the fat tissue produces the pathognomonic appearance of lipoma on CT.

Case History: 8-year-old male presented with neck pain and right upper limb weakness for two months.



K @

spinal epidural lipomatosis

annamalai @

I initially considered epidermoid but T2 shine through not great

Daniell @

This is a discrette mas with fat signal.. typical for lipoma not lipomatosis

h @

#1 in my diferencial is Spinal lipoma and #2 Spinal lipomatosis.
I this child obese ? Any drug therapy such as steroids ?

Claude @


spinal epidural lipomatosis

Marco @


Joao Rubiao @

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