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History of Headaches

History of Headaches

  • 28-year-old male presents with history of headaches.
  • Figure 1. Sagittal T1 weighted image shows well-defined suprasellar lesion with mixed signal intensity. Some small foci of high signal in the subarachnoidal space.
  • Figure 2. Axial T2 weighted image shows a well-defined lesion with predominantly high signal intensity. No apparent reaction in adjacent brain parenchyma.
  • Figure 3. Coronal FLAIR shows well-defined lesion with predominantly low signal intensity.
  • Figure 4. Axial gradient echo image shows lesion with mixed signal, but with predominantly low signal intensity.
  • Figure 5A and B. DWI shows scattered high signal in B1000 image but, no real diffusion restriction on ADC map.
  • Figure 6. Coronal T1 weighted image shows small foci of high signal in the Sylvia fissure.
  • Figure 7. Axial gradient echo shows small area of low signal in the right frontal horn.
  • Diagnosis: Ruptured dermoid cyst
  • Rupture can be spontaneous or a result of a head trauma. Surgery is often warranted.

Case History: 28-year-old male presents with history of headaches.


suprasella lesion


Suğrasellar lesion

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suprasella lesion

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suprasella lesion

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The slides do not advance. This has been an ongoing issue.

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Many, including myself, have this problem. You can right click and "view image", but still can't forward to find the answer. Very frustrating. I have contacted them before, with no result.

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Thank you, a very interesting case, since headaches are very often the reason for the visit, I will keep it in mind. Thanks again.

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Suprasellar lésion

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Suprasellar lésion

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