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More Top Mobile Apps for Radiology

More Top Mobile Apps for Radiology

  • We consulted popularity lists and expert testimonials to gather the most popular and useful apps for radiologists.
  • Diagnostic Radiology: Available in a free “trial” edition, or for $44.99 from the iTunes store. This app is an interactive book with annotated, real clinical data sets that illustrate key concepts of abdominal anatomy and pathology. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • The Radiology Assistant: Available for $7.32 from Google Play. This app is an imaging reference with more than 90 articles (and frequently updated content) from expert radiologists. Compatible with Android 3.0 and up.
  • iRadiology: Available for free from iTunes. This app offers a quick review of over 500 unique images demonstrating classic radiological findings of a multitude of abnormalities.
  • CTisus iQuiz: Available for free from iTunes. This app is a quiz format that provides latest innovation in CT education.
  • Rad-Rx: Available for free from Google Play. This app is a simple program that provides quick access to algorithms for the treatment of allergic responses to intravenous contrast. Also has advice on contrast dosage and administration in patients with renal insufficiency.
  • Realworld Radiology: Available for $2.99 from iTunes. This app is a guide to the basics of thoracic imaging.
  • RadU – Radiology University: Available for free from iTunes. This app provides 10-15 minute lessons on several radiology topics, including discussions, classes, seminars and quizzes.

The mobile app market is booming, and whether you’re a patient or a physician, it’s time to take note.

Healthcare applications are expected to reach 500 million people in 2015, according to research2guidance, who published the “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017” study. The study indicates that 43 percent of mobile health applications are primarily designed for healthcare professionals.

“Our findings indicate that the long-expected mobile revolution in healthcare is set to happen. Both healthcare providers and consumers are embracing smartphones as a means to improving healthcare,” Ralf-Gordon Jahns, head of research at research2guidance, said in an article.

In 2013, we consulted popularity lists and expert testimonials to gather the most popular and useful apps for radiologists. We did this again for 2014 and came up with some new contenders.

Did we miss one? Tell us your favorite in the comments section below. 

Apps highlighted are:

Diagnostic Radiology

The Radiology Assistant


CTisus iQuiz


Realworld Radiology



Can I download those excellent app if my mobile is Samsung Note 3 which is Android ?

Dr, omar mohammed @

Mobile app for Radiology professional

Imaging patients with renal impairment
Gadolinium-based or iodinated contrast agents: how to make the right choice?
Chronic Kidney Disease: MRI or CT?

Want to learn more about our app? Check this out!

NSF vs. CIN: weighing risks and benefits

It is an easy and convenient way to help you choose the safest contrast agent (iodine or gadolinium) !

App Store

Google Play

If you like it, please share it!

Marc @

RadsBest? Management decision support for 15 (and growing) different commonly encountered clinical dilemmas, i.e. Fleischner Society Criteria for solid and subsolid pulmonary nodules, Thyroid Nodules, Renal Cysts, Pancreatic Cysts, Abdominal Lymph Nodes, Aneurysms, Contrast Reactions, Premedication for Contrast allergies, and Staging for many common cancers. These are things that can really help a practicing Radiologist when they are reading. Free to download from Apple App Store.

Roy @

Hi, it seems like my app "Prostate Cancer Imaging" is missing, although it is not a "TOP" app. This app is designed to help radiologists or urologists learn multiparametric prostate MRI. There is a free version with few cases, and a paid version. It is for iPad. An Android is in development. Enjoy !

Philippe @

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