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Tumor Ablation

Tumor Ablation

Recent journal articles review the progress of tumor ablation therapies in the liver, breast, lung, and kidney.

Recent journal articles dealing with tumor ablation therapy compare the effectiveness of different ablation methods, evaluate side effects and other dangers inherent in the procedure, look at the uses of the procedure in treating bone, liver, and kidney tumors, and more. Following is a roundup of the news.

Fusion imaging is making inroads as an imaging strategy for RFA and other tumor ablation techniques. The sophisticated melding of functional and structural imaging modalities allows physicians to more accurately map out the procedure beforehand and monitor the results afterward. A few software packages allow physicians to check their real-time progress against preprocedural images, and new products and procedures to automate the process are being developed.

Journal articles published since the beginning of this year
look at new treatment modalities, provide more evidence of ablation’s efficacy,
and identify potential complications. Imaging technologies and combination
therapies are also covered.

The case for radiofrequency ablation and other forms of tumor ablation has been made: Use of the technique is established for treating bone lesions and tumors of the liver, lung, kidney, and other organs. Now the focus turns to expanding the realm of treatment and pushing the limits of the technology. Two areas taking center stage are tumor size and the choice between RFA and cryoablation.

Lung cancer is one of the newer applications for RFA. Research papers from the peer-reviewed literature listed here often represent initial series or experiences observed by the authors. Included is one paper on patient selection and a report on a survey of international studies of the topic. Thirteen papers span the period from 2003 to 2005.

Painful metastatic bone cancer is often found in connection with soft-tissue organ tumors. Thirteen peer-reviewed reports published in the 2003-2004 time period address the use of RFA to treat bone tumors.


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