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Vizua to Debut Cloud-Based 3-D Visualization Platform

Vizua to Debut Cloud-Based 3-D Visualization Platform

New company Vizua will debut their cloud-based 3-D scan visualization platform at RSNA 2011.

The company, started at the beginning of the year, developed the platform to “extend 3-D imaging to anyone, anywhere, on any platform,” said Vizua CEO Dean Lester. Radiologists, physicians and patients can share and manipulate the interactive images online.

The platform takes the 2-D slices from traditional CT, MRI, ultrasound and PET scans and creates a 3-D reconstruction. It doesn’t require specific software or hardware, and users can rotate, magnify, label, and share the images.

“We do all the reconstruction, all the heavy lifting, in the cloud,” Lester said.

The company is touting the speed, image quality, and simple user interface of the new platform, which relies on consumer-grade graphic processing technology developed for the video game industry, said Lester. Vizua servers use those graphic cards to take traditional images and reconstruct them into a 3-D image in a few milliseconds.

“We are the ideal bridge between the high-end experience the radiologist has today and the other participants in the communication chain who in the past couldn’t really get to this level of image,” he said. The platform could be a differentiator for some imaging practices that want to provide their referring physicians and patients with the high-tech images, he added.

 Vizua 3-D visualization platform, cranium CT

Vizua 3-D visualization platform, knee CT


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