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ECR 2003

ECR 2003

Providing low-cost, high-quality x-ray units was the goal behind development of the WHO's basic radiology system. The WHIS-RAD isn't the only game in town, however. Several alternatives, along with their drawbacks, are discussed on the Park Ridge, IL,

Although plain-film radiography and CT can be used to image bone marrow, MRI provides the best results and should be the primary imaging tool for suspected bone marrow pathology, according to an ECR presentation by German researchers. With MRI,

Last year I got sick on the fourth day of the ECR. Between lunchtime and dinner I came down with a flu — not a funny cold, but a real flu. Intelligent as I was, I packed my 30-kilo suitcase immediately, left out the bare essentials, and went to bed in my

GE Medical Systems has released a new software platform designed to ease workflow bottlenecks in the CT suite. The Xtream technology application will be installed on the operator console of GE's multidetector scanners, offering a one-touch protocol for

Since the advent of 3T MRI 10 years ago, high-field systems have remained largely a tool for research in Europe. Now, developments in scanner technology are increasing the likelihood that 3T MRI will play a significant role in clinical

Ultrasound is a hot topic. So is skeletal radiology.
- Dr. Modolv Saeboe

Whether to exhibit or not next year.
- Kenneth Hunt

MRI and CT.
- Dr. Halit Ymeri

Neck radiology
- Achilles Siozopoulos

Radiologic chest diagnosis, CT, x-ray, soft-tissue

Several problems hamper Crohn's disease diagnosis, including the need for repetitive diagnostic assessment and the possibility of incomplete diagnostic information.

Because of the necessity for repeat exams, particularly for pediatric patients,


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