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Commoditization Is Not Just Radiology's Problem

Commoditization threatens more than just radiology; health care, in general, is at risk, too.

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Radiology reports delivered with image- and data-embedded multimedia are preferred by referring physicians over text-only reports.

Head CTs may not always be necessary for patients who present to the emergency department with complaints of dizziness or syncope.

Radiology continues to be threatened by commoditization, but it’s also a threat looming for health care as a whole.

Decreases in imaging growth and CT/MRI use in the ED can be achieved.

In the conventional radiology workflow, there is a lot of data that radiologists aren’t seeing.

Targeted biopsies using MRI and ultrasound detect more high-risk prostate cancer.

Case Studies

Case History: 22-year-old patient presented with complaint of swelling of elbow for six months following trauma.

Case History: 10-year-old male child presents with six-month history of difficulty opening mouth.

Case History: 36-year-old Asian male presented with complaints of a first episode of generalized tonic-clonic convulsions

From Physicians Practice

If your medical practice wants to get paid for services, do not accept financial responsibility for medical expenses that your patients incur.

Recent research indicates that PAs can improve the healthcare system, and recent policy changes help ensure that they have the opportunity to do so.

Next time you are in a stressful situation, I recommend asking yourself these three important questions.

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