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Radiologists and Poor Financial Decisions

Why radiologists have reputations as poor money managers and tips on how to fix bad habits.


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7 reasons why it might be time to switch from PACS to VNA.

Magnetic resonance images can add valuable information to prenatal fetal assessment.

74-year-old with history of aortic valve repair at an outside hospital.

The signs of an uptick in the radiology job market?

If a radiology practice says they have excellent customer service, does that mean that it's true?

MRI contrast agent, gadobenate dimeglumine, safety profile confirmed in 7.5-year trial.

A program presented at HIMSS 2015 highlights the value of decision support for appropriateness in imaging.

Case Studies

Case History: 7-year-old female with complaints of convulsions for one year.

Case History: 44-year-old male with history of left knee pain presents with erosion of the distal femur and loss of collateral ligament.

Case History: 2-year-old female with complains of difficulty breathing, paroxysmal coughing, and wheezing for one day.

From Physicians Practice

Consultants and health IT experts share their top advice for physicians participating in the EHR incentive program.

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Communication with your EHR vendor is essential during the implementation and go-live period. Here are some tips to keep your practice connected.


Looking at your investment statements leads to emotions, which can lead to financially injurious behavior by physicians.

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