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Is the Radiologist's Reputation Ruined?

Radiologists are trying to emerge from the shadows, but are people seeing them clearly?

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It turns out that board-eligible radiologists could have a difficult time finding a job.

Magnetic resonance imaging on patients with multiple sclerosis who use a Will balance board showed changes of the brain that affected balance and movement.

Case History: 3-month-old child with abnormal growth of head size.

Who wears the scrubs in a medical relationship?

Using SPECT-CT allows clinicians to identify some causes of low back pain.

Following a merger of eight regional facilities, San Diego Imaging Medical Group wanted to image-enable their EMR and gain control of image sharing, access, and management.

Case Studies

Case History: 3-month-old child with abnormal growth of head size.

Case History: 75-year-old male presents with complaint of mucus discharge from external opening on skin at anterior aspect of mid part of neck on the left side.

Case History: 50-year-old woman with onset of fever and altered mental status.

From Physicians Practice

Increasing revenue and decreasing practice expenses are often misguided goals. Each is a proxy for the more effective goal of increasing net income.

How your practice can succeed in Stage 2 of the EHR incentive program despite more complex requirements and higher reporting thresholds.

Misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor has serious ramifications for medical practices. Make sure you know the distinction.

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