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If healthcare team members were paid like sports team members.

Spending a lot to save a little isn't the best method for decision-making in patient care.

Radiographs can provide anatomic evaluation and appropriate starting point when investigating possible musculoskeletal infection.

Compared to standard biopsy strategy, MR imaging-guided strategies are cost effective in helping detect prostate cancer.

Magnetic resonance imaging department efficiency increases when MRI technologists undergo advanced communication training.

Ventilation and perfusion scans to diagnose pulmonary embolism remain largely accurate.

Imaging for breast pain is not usually recommended, however, ultrasound may be appropriate for women with focal, noncyclic pain.

Case Studies

Case History: 22-year-old male with absence of vision since birth, nasal blockage for three years, and headache for one month.

Case History: 52-year-old female presented with a palpable, tender mass in the left breast.

Case History: 35-year-old female presented with pain in the left paraumbilical region for two days, nausea and vomiting.

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Building a trusting relationship with an outside IT consultant is important, as is due diligence.

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The best way to build and improve an online reputation is to take control of what people are posting about your practice.

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Helping to identify how to set up a successful process is the next step beyond settling for simply meeting industry benchmarks.

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