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SCAR 2004

SCAR 2004

Events of last August -- when three widespread infestations of computer worms attacked Windows-based systems -- illustrated the vulnerabilities of many medical applications, including PACS.

The pressing need for software patches was also revealed. Yet

While digital imaging management through PACS is an accepted technology in radiology, it remains a foreign concept in other areas of medicine, and vendors may have struggles ahead as they try to expand into new fields.

Those struggles were outlined

The phone rings in the PACS support center -- an irate user wonders why the workstation is so slow this morning. The PACS administrator has already failed, a SCAR University Productivity and Workflow audience was told Saturday morning.

It's a question

The general agreement that quality assurance is essential to the production of diagnostic-quality digital images lays a foundation for inclusion of QA specialists on employee rosters.

"It is time to establish and implement functioning QA specialists in

Good afternoon, KMart shoppers, don't miss our spring hospital PACS special in the electronics department. Buy two, get one free.

It hasn't quite come to that, but anyone interested in purchasing PACS on a shoestring budget would have appreciated Paul

Digital mammography provides a springboard from which new imaging techniques are developed to address current limitations in the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

"The presence of the increased quantitative quality of the data acquired in these

Estrangements between PACS customers and PACS vendors may be awkward, but a number of filmless hospitals are finding it necessary to initiate divorce proceedings against their original PACS suppliers.

"We're beginning to see PACS divorces in the


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