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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) device implantations are often associated with high radiation dose exposure due to long procedure and fluoroscopy times.

Recommendations for your daily routine. 

Authors Katharine Grant, PhD, and Rainer Raupach, PhD 

Ultralow-Dose Chest Computed Tomography for Pulmonary Nodule Detection: First Performance Evaluation of Single Energy Scanning With Spectral Shaping. 

This whitepaper discusses the new FlowMotion technology provided on Biograph mCT Flow including its impact on image quality, quantification, lower dose and patient comfort. 

Very Low-Dose (0.15 mGy) Chest CT Protocols Using the COPDGene 2 Test Object and a Third-Generation Dual-Source CT Scanner With Corresponding Third-Generation Iterative Reconstruction Software. 


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