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Radiology residents who take phone calls in the reading room may become distracted, reducing their diagnostic accuracy.

Increasing use of cardiac stress testing with imaging may be unnecessary and adds to cost and patient exposure to radiation.

Image quality of neck CTs is improved with the use of model-based iterative reconstruction, compared with 30% adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction.

MRI identifies unique shoulder damage, termed acromial apophysiolysis, among young pitchers that could cause long-term problems.

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening, done at intervals, can help detect lung cancer.

Arterial spin labeling has shown changes in the posterior cingulate cortex among patients who went on to experience cognitive decline.

PET/MRI offers equal detection rates of solid tumors among children as does PET/CT, with lower radiation doses.

Using PET/CT in women under 40 who have breast cancer may result in restaging of the cancer and adjustment of treatment.

Breast density can be measured using fully automated volumetric methods, which are less labor intensive than the commonly used methods.

Contrast-enhanced PET/CT appears to be better than non-CE PET/CT in assessing distant metastasis in patients with pancreatic cancer.


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