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Diagnostic Imaging Staff

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Imaging can detect changes in white matter among children with reading difficulties.

Ultrasounds accurate for initial screening for kidney stones.

Access to imaging, particularly MRI and some forms of CT, vary considerably across the United States.

Patients undergoing MRI may have lessened anxiety if the procedure is well-explained.

Cerebrovascular reserve testing via transcranial Doppler ultrasound useful in identifying asymptomatic patients with carotid artery stenosis at risk for stroke.

Radiology departments are not turning off unused equipment, and racking up dollars.

MRI technique helps demonstrate the amount of damage in the gray matter of the brain is related to the severity of MS disability.

Intravenous contrast material for CT appears to be safe for most patients, including those with a predisposition to nephrotoxicity.

The reason for performing a breast MRI should be taken into consideration when assessing performance measures.

Low-dose CT screening can help clinicians detect early cancers among survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma, particularly if they were or are smokers.


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