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Mammograms of dense breast tissue are read in a different way than mammograms of less dense breast tissue.

Magnetic resonance imaging on patients with multiple sclerosis who use a Will balance board showed changes of the brain that affected balance and movement.

Using SPECT-CT allows clinicians to identify some causes of low back pain.

Diffusion tensor imaging detected disruptions in white matter integrity that could be linked to higher impulsivity in chronic users.

Medical imaging managers aren't very optimistic about receiving reimbursement for diagnostic imaging services.

Magnetic resonance imaging detected additional cancers among women who underwent breast conservation therapy following early diagnosis of breast cancer.

For this “10 Questions” series, we spoke with Eliot Siegel, MD, FACR, FSIIM, about his work and the future of radiology.

Multiparametric MRI helps identify low- and high-grade brain gliomas, reducing risk of inappropriate or delayed surgery.

Using PET/CT imaging can help clinicians detect recurrent thyroid disease among patients who have negative radioiodine scans.

Magnetic resonance imaging can be used to track brain growth of premature babies.


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