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Ultrasound, rather than MRI, is often appropriate imaging for shoulder injuries.

Adding arterial spin labeling to MRI may help classify and predict Alzheimer’s diagnosis and progression from subjective cognitive decline.

MRI with gadolinium contrast is not associated with increased rates of Parkinson’s disease.

Annual follow-up with CT for nonsolid nodules detected during lung cancer screening reduces need for biopsies.

Functional MR imaging shows increased response in the brain after administration of low-dose methylene blue.

Radiologist salaries are equal between male and female physicians, unlike other academic medical specialists.

PET-CT may indicate which patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma are responding to treatment.

Adding intraoperative supine MR imaging to standard prone imaging may increase accuracy when evaluating breast cancer.

Using annotations from impressions of radiology reports is reliable for critical findings and context, from SIIM 2016.

Monitoring ER radiology in real time helps improve efficiency, from SIIM 2016.


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