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CT confirms relationship between HIV-related inflammation and the increase of CAD among men infected with HIV.

Digital tomosynthesis compared to chest radiography for pulmonary nodule screening and determining case management.

MBI assessed as supplementary screening tool for women with dense breasts.

Magnetic resonance imaging allows physicians to assess acute groin injuries among athletes.

Radiologists who began practicing after 1940 do not have a higher risk of developing radiation-related illnesses.

Ultrasound, rather than MRI, is often appropriate imaging for shoulder injuries.

Adding arterial spin labeling to MRI may help classify and predict Alzheimer’s diagnosis and progression from subjective cognitive decline.

MRI with gadolinium contrast is not associated with increased rates of Parkinson’s disease.

Annual follow-up with CT for nonsolid nodules detected during lung cancer screening reduces need for biopsies.

Functional MR imaging shows increased response in the brain after administration of low-dose methylene blue.


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