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Computer-generated patient histories are more thorough, organized, and useful than physician-written histories.

Routinely adding ultrasound to screening for breast cancer for women with dense breasts is not cost-effective.

Using a structured order entry for trauma CTs results in better communication, recording, and billing.

Screening mammography image readings by radiologists are influenced by individual technologists.

Magnetic resonance imaging has shown changes in the brain among smokers who relapsed within seven days of quitting.

Radiology managers are still skeptical about receiving adequate reimbursement from Medicare.

CT images help identify patients who may have a subsequent stroke within three months of experiencing a TIA.

Moms with placenta accreta who undergo insertion of prophylactic arterial balloons reduce risk of complications with delivery and future fertility.

Chest radiographs ordered for children, particularly for indications such as syncope or dizziness, do not alter the course of treatment.

Lung cancer screening based on PLCOm2012 model criteria is more effective than the USPSTF criteria.


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