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Multi-parametric MRI may be a substitute for serial biopsies in active surveillance regimens to avoid patient discomfort associated with repeat biopsies.

Reader confidence and self-directed learning impacts prostate tumor detection through MR images.

Female Medicare beneficiaries with early-stage cancers do participate in screening mammogram programs.

Using weight-based protocol incorporating tube potential selection allows for lower volumes of iodinated contrast material in aortic CTA.

Using noninvasive techniques, such as CT angiography and CT perfusion, may help physicians identify patients at risk of major adverse cardiovascular events.

Magnetic resonance imaging may be possible for patients even if they have pacemakers or ICDs that have not been approved by the FDA for MRI scanning.

Adhering to evidence-based clinical decision support to perform CT pulmonary angiography for suspected PE results in better detection.

Clinicians can use ultrasound to detect pediatric appendicitis, but not if the organ has perforated.

Preoperative MRI following ultrasound detection of breast cancer can find more cancers.


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