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Diagnostic Imaging Staff

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Imaging for patients with Ebola virus is necessary, but new protocols need to be established to prevent spread of the disease.

TeraMedica will demonstrate at RSNA 2014 its new vendor neutral archive, Evercore 6.0.

MammoCoach will debut at RSNA 2014 an online teaching product for screening mammography.

In response to reimbursement cuts, use of MRI has stayed relatively stable.

SurMD will debut at RSNA 2014 its secure, cloud-based image archival and distribution service.

Carestream to demo new capabilities to its digital breast tomosynthesis module at RSNA 2014.

aycan at RSNA 2014 will demonstrate a new integrated RIS/PACS solution.

Women should not worry that regular screening mammograms would increase their risk of radiation-induced breast cancer.

Canon will be demonstrating at RSNA 2014 a ‘cost-effective’ transition option from CR to DR.

Toshiba will demonstrate safer CT solutions and patient-friendly updates to PET/CT at RSNA 2014.


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