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CHICAGO—MRI allows physicians to monitor the protective effect of weight loss on knee cartilage.

CHICAGO—MRI shows abnormal cerebral blood flow even if concussed athletes clinically ready to return to sport.

MRI finds possible marker for cardiovascular disease among asymptomatic diabetics.

CHICAGO—Women with subsolid lung nodules detected by CT have a higher risk of lung cancer than do men.

Radiologists can learn about their patients’ experiences through their Tweets.

Multidetector CT without oral contrast can be effective on larger patients presenting with acute abdominal pain.

Non-invasive CTA is more accurate in detecting coronary artery disease among symptomatic patients than SPECT-MPI.

Radiologists are better able to categorize lung nodules with the help of computerized decision tools.

Patient and provider groups call on Congress to pass legislation requiring coverage of CT colonography screening.

Screening mammography finds more high-grade DCIS among older women.


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