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Doaa Ibrahim Hasan, MD

Doaa Ibrahim Hasan, MD

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Case History: 28-year-old female with left breast pain and swelling two years after augmentation mammoplasty.

Case History: 24-year-old male with enlarged cervical lymph nodes associated with weight loss and fever.

Case History: 49-year-old female presented with palpable right breast retroareolar mass.

Case History: 8-year-old male with neck pain and right upper limb weakness for two months.

Case History: 60-year-old female presented with postmenopausal bleeding and pelvic pain.

Case History: 54-year-old female with large palpable breast mass filling most of the left breast.

Case History: 73-year-old male with lower limb muscle pain on left side during physical activity.

Case History: 62-year-old male with complaint of epigastric pain, retching.

Case History: 27-year-old female with right upper outer quadrant firm breast mass.

Case History: 43-year-old with three year history headache, dizziness, unsteadiness, and tingling in upper limbs.


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