Eric Postal, MD

Eric Postal, MD

Eric Postal, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at Virtual Radiologic (vRad). He graduated from Brown University and Ross University School of Medicine. Postal performed his residency at Albany Medical Center where he also served as chief resident. 

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Radiologists have a Pavlovian response to a ringing phone.

Are our clinical colleagues intentionally holding back relevant case history? I’d like to see what would happen if there were consequences for such information hoarding.

Sometimes a radiologist just needs to vent.

Birds and physicians are no different after all.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this radiologist was confronted with a lack of knowledge.

A letter to the radiologist dedicated to over-radiating patients.

In radiology, being clueless, like being ignorant, can be bliss.

One can only hope that a grade school education is required to order an imaging study.

Recommending protocols and then interpreting the exam’s study is a satisfying feeling for radiologists.

Radiologists should keep doing the good job we’ve already been trying to do.


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