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Harpreet Singh, MD

Harpreet Singh, MD

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Case History: 42-year-old patient presented with chest pain.

Case History: 40-year-old patient presented with history of seizures.

Case History: 32-year-old patient presented with complaint of headache, seizures, and sensory changes.

Case History: 45-year-old female presented for spine MRI.

Case History: 45-year-old with history of brain tumor with complaints of abdominal pain.

Case History: Fifty-eight-year-old patient presented with history of vomiting.

Case History: 37-year-old patient presented with headache and muscle weakness in legs.

Case History: A 45-year-old patient presented with history of abdominal distension.

Case History: Four-year-old patient with complaints of altered sensorium.

Case History: Fourteen-year-old presented with complaints of seizure.


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