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A 25-year-old woman was referred for routine antenatal scan at 14 weeks, 2 days of pregnancy.

The drive for improved system integration and decreased turnaround time has led to a continuous analysis of procedures and a never-ending cycle of trying to get the work flow to work.

In preparation of RSNA this year I reviewed each of the technical exhibitors. This was over 700 sites and took several days. I reached out to several in advance to meet with them while I am in Chicago. Here are three of my favorites with a focus on the business, financial or billing aspect of imaging.

In imaging there will always be opportunities to innovate on important issues. This industry knowledge that each of us has is valuable. Those crazy ideas you have may seem intuitive to you, but they are not widely known. Take those ideas and do something.

Today burning a CD/DVD and sending them via FedEx or a courier is the most common method to transfer images. Really? If you were not familiar with this method, would you ever think that this is how we transfer information? When we think of what is happening on the consumer side with books, movies and music, we can see it isn't a question of technology or bandwidth.

As the person in our medical group who definitely does a significant amount of the administrative work ... I have made the leap to the fully electronic charting system early and have been using it for two months. I love it, but worry about the learning curve for our surgeons and others on the medical staff based on my experience.

The following is taken from an update given to Ob/Gyn board candidates at the LSU Board Review in April, 1998. It is intended to be a basic review of the topic.

To investigating the relationship between cord blood erythropoietin and clinical markers of fetal hypoxia.


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