Breast Imaging

Breast Imaging

Radiologists are using DBT clinically and more frequently, but it still remains a limited resource.

Women who have previously undergone breast conserving therapy may find a supplemental screening option in MR imaging.

Breast emergencies are uncommon but require quick identification and management when patients present with complaints, such as mastitis and breast abscesses.

The ACR and SBI are concerned that the JAMA breast cancer screening article will result in fewer women undergoing potentially life-saving mammography.

Controversial mammography screening has its benefits and harms. Patients need individualized recommendations to confirm that it’s worth the risk.

Full-field digital mammography is associated with lower recall and biopsy rates, compared with screen film mammography.

A 30-year-old who has been breastfeeding for three months presents for evaluation of a right breast lump that is nontender and has been present for two weeks.


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