Breast Imaging

Analyzing the Options of Breast Imaging Technology

With controversy lingering around mammography, advances in breast imaging may provide safer and more effective options.

Breast Imaging

Adding molecular breast imaging to mammography resulted in a fourfold increase in invasive breast cancer detection rates in women with dense breasts.

Women who have E3 and E4 extramammary findings from breast MRI should undergo additional imaging.

UPDATED. Many states have laws on breast density notification after mammography screening – but not all notification is the same.

52-year-old asymptomatic female with family history of breast cancer presents for annual mammogram.

Almost half of primary care physicians in California are unaware of the state’s Breast Density Notification Law, which was enacted in 2013.

Physicians continue to perform imaging on asymptomatic patients with early-stage breast cancer, despite ASCO 2012 recommendations against it.

Breast density notification legislation has amped up the discussion about breast cancer screening but may be delivering mixed messages.


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