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Breast Imaging

Analyzing the Options of Breast Imaging Technology

With controversy lingering around mammography, advances in breast imaging may provide safer and more effective options.

Breast Imaging

44-year-old female presents with “cord-like,” palpable lump on left breast.

Ultrasound and digital breast tomosynthesis find more cancers than just 2D mammography.

Adding molecular breast imaging to mammography does add to screening cost, but it also increases cancer detection.

49-year-old patient presented for bilateral screening mammogram as well as bilateral screening ultrasound due to dense breast tissue.

50-year-old male presents with palpable lump on the left breast.

Despite increase in referrals for mammography screening for high-risk women, actual screening numbers did not increase significantly.

A look at what radiologist and patient factors play a role in false-positive mammography.


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