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Breast Imaging

Analyzing the Options of Breast Imaging Technology

With controversy lingering around mammography, advances in breast imaging may provide safer and more effective options.

Breast Imaging

UPDATED. Many states have laws on breast density notification after mammography screening – but not all notification is the same.

Mammography screening women regularly at age 50 results in many women in their 40s not being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast density legislation is still causing confusion and controversy among radiologists.

An abbreviated MRI protocol is effective in detecting breast cancer and saving resources.

Imaging for breast pain is not usually recommended, however, ultrasound may be appropriate for women with focal, noncyclic pain.

Readers with fewer than 10 years' experience benefit the most of adding DBT to 2D conventional screening mammography.

CT-Guided VAB outperforms prone stereotactic biopsy for fastest breast tissues biopsy.


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