CT colonography can detect precursors to cancer, saving lives and money, yet it is not yet fully endorsed or reimbursed. Judy Yee, MD, explains.

CT colonographies that do not require bowel cleansing are almost as effective as traditional colonoscopies and may increase patient compliance for screening.

Experts may consider new guidelines for virtual colonoscopy, or CT colonography, screening after study shows women can be screened later than men.

VIDEO: Reimbursement for CT colonography has been a complicated path, but radiologists shouldn’t wait to pursue local coverage and set up a screening program, said Perry Pickhardt, MD.

Computed tomographic colonography in patients symptomatic of colorectal cancer resulted in a significantly higher rate of additional colonic investigation.

Computed tomographic colonography (CTC), or virtual colonoscopy, was more sensitive than barium enema in detecting colorectal cancer and large polyps.

Concerns over inappropriate use of CTC prompted CMS to halt reimbursement, but research shows that CTC is not being used inappropriately.


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