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Not Compliant? It Could Cost You

Reimbursements will be reduced if CT equipment is not compliant with new standards. 


Using weight-based protocol incorporating tube potential selection allows for lower volumes of iodinated contrast material in aortic CTA.

Using noninvasive techniques, such as CT angiography and CT perfusion, may help physicians identify patients at risk of major adverse cardiovascular events.

Adhering to evidence-based clinical decision support to perform CT pulmonary angiography for suspected PE results in better detection.

Coronary CT angiography shows significantly greater increase in noncalcified plaque volume among older men who use testosterone gel.

Low dose CT for lung cancer screening exposes patients to radiation doses versus the risk of missing treatable cancers.

A 45-year-old male patient presented with pain in the right iliac fossa.

Case History: 35-year-old female presented with pain in the left paraumbilical region for two days, nausea and vomiting.


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