Not Compliant? It Could Cost You

Reimbursements will be reduced if CT equipment is not compliant with new standards. 


Computed tomography and MRI may not be necessary for most patients who present to the emergency department with acute pancreatitis.

Case History: 10-year-old male child presents with six-month history of difficulty opening mouth.

Non-enhanced CT scans for suspected renal colic often detect incidental findings.

Advanced imaging may not be necessary for many people with headaches, but clinicians are ordering them for their patients.

Case History: 36-year-old Asian male presented with complaints of a first episode of generalized tonic-clonic convulsions

Dose for CT examination of children can be calculated by the children’s weight rather than torso diameter measurement.

Despite recommendations not to perform imaging for patients with peripheral vertigo, up to one-fifth of patients had a head CT while in the ED.


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