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Not Compliant? It Could Cost You

Reimbursements will be reduced if CT equipment is not compliant with new standards. 


Few family physicians are making low-dose CT screening referrals to patients who are at high risk for lung cancer.

Use of ultra-low dose CT versus standard-dose CT to quantify emphysema.

Costs of CTA versus functional diagnostic testing for suspected coronary artery disease.

Case History: 79-year-old male, five day history of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Radiologists at MGH played an integral role in the success of the first U.S. penile transplant.

Case History: 32-year-old female presented to emergency room with bilateral flank pain.

Radiologist-driven imaging utilization, ordering physicians, and clinically relevant pathology, from a study at ACR 2016.


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