Not Compliant? It Could Cost You

Reimbursements will be reduced if CT equipment is not compliant with new standards. 


Access to imaging, particularly MRI and some forms of CT, vary considerably across the United States.

Intravenous contrast material for CT appears to be safe for most patients, including those with a predisposition to nephrotoxicity.

A new analysis of the NLST showed that both the benefits and harms of low-dose CT screening are slightly greater among patients older than 65 years.

Low-dose CT screening can help clinicians detect early cancers among survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma, particularly if they were or are smokers.

CT images reconstructed with low dose model-based iterative reconstruction did not compromise image quality.

States found to have a high percentage of people at risk for lung cancer do not have an adequate number of LDCT screening centers.

New CT scanners’ variability affects cardiovascular risk classification.


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