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A Weighty Challenge: Imaging Bariatric Patients

As obesity rates continue to rise, the radiology community struggles with how to confront the challenges of imaging bariatric patients.


Using breast MR imaging among women with ductal carcinoma in situ provides better depiction of invasive breast cancers.

Case History: 24-year-old male with enlarged cervical lymph nodes associated with weight loss and fever.

Shoulder MRI reports preferable when provided in a structured report format.

Breast MRI in pregnancy-associated breast cancer may change the surgical management of patients.

Case History: 8-year-old male with neck pain and right upper limb weakness for two months.

Magnetic resonance elastography shows that locations of brain stiffening differ in common dementia types.

PI-RADSv2 reduces understaging of prostate cancer, but could increase risk of overstaging.


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