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Top Apps for Radiology 2016

Top Apps for Radiology 2016

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  • Lumify: Using a special transducer that plugs into your device, this Philips Healthcare app turns your smart phone or tablet into an ultrasound scanner. Download the app on Google Play. and they’ll send you the transducer. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis starting at $199. It received FDA 501(k) clearance and entered the U.S. market in November 2015. Image courtesy of Philips Healthcare.
  • Figure 1: It has been called “Instagram for Doctors.” While Instagram is a fun app, this one has some solid medical cred behind it. The photo sharing app requires users to remove identifiable information before uploading it. Users find it to be a helpful learning forum, and doctors can get feedback on their questions. Uploads and comments are limited to health care professionals in all specialties. It’s available on both Apple and Android products for free. Image courtesy of Figure 1.
  • Radiology Toolbox Pro: This app was developed by radiologist Eric Baumel, who wanted easier access to information he was continually looking up. The app includes calculators, anatomy diagrams, diagnostic guidelines, charts and contrast dye information. The app is $3.99 in the iTunes store.
  • Thoracic Radiology Differential Diagnosis Lists: This app helps identify and diagnose chest CT findings, using 100 CT images and 80 thoracic differential diagnosis lists. They’re organized alphabetically as well as by organ system, and they’re searchable. It’s a free iTunes download.
  • Docphin: Get your journals online and read medical news in one place. They stock more than 5,000 journals plus landmark articles in various fields. The Docphin app is free at iTunes and Google Play, but you may need an institutional library subscription to fully use it.
  • Radiology Consult: This app isn’t for radiologists, but is a good one to recommend to referring physicians. The app helps physicians determine the best radiology procedures and work-up to order, given the symptoms. It covers 34 common clinical issues, like acute chest pain, pulmonary embolism and fever of unknown origin. The app costs $9.99 on iTunes.
  • Lung Nodule Follow-Up Guidelines: This app helps with follow-up on incidental lung nodules, using the Fleishner Society criteria. The app divides up nodules by type and size, giving follow-up recommendations. It’s free on iTunes.

While mobile apps on smart phones and tablets are a staple of device use, using apps in the workplace is also gaining steam. According to a 2015 Research Now Group survey of 500 U.S. physicians, 16% of the physicians currently use mobile health apps in their professional practice, while 46% plan to in the next five years. With more than 100,000 mobile health apps on the market, it is a daunting task sorting through them all.

For this piece, we consulted popularity lists and independent research to find the most interesting and useful apps for radiologists. Also, check out Diagnostic Imaging’s list of best apps of 2013 and 2014.

Did we miss one? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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farah @

Essential Imaging In Rheumatology has just released 3 new Apps available on iOS/Android mobile devises. The Apps were developed by a group of physicians, radiology and rheumatology, and are clear, concise and review exactly what you need to know. Apps are aimed at a wide audience, medical student to the practising radiologist/physician, and take you on a step by step progression through image assessment, pathology and case review. Definitely Apps to give you the edge.

ESIMR: Uncovering The Hand Radiograph
iOS https://appsto.re/ca/ydsmfb.i
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radiologyhand

ESIMR: Clinical Case Challenge
https://appsto.re/ca/bdsmfb.i https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radiologyccc

ESIMR: UnRavelling Spondyloarthropathy
https://appsto.re/ca/Tzsmfb.i https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?

john @

Ideally meant as an adjunct for those who have attended one of the MRMD/MRSO MR Safety training Courses. I am the author of that app (Kanal's MRSIRA).

Emanuel @

Kanal's Magnetic Resonance Safety Implant Risk Assessment app; this app works like a pilot's checklist to walk you through the risks of scanning a patient with an implanted device/object/foreign body based on its identification, location, the sequence and scanner and studies to be performed, and provides an assessment as to the magnitude of the risk for proceeding with the requested MR imaging examination. It automates the risk analysis taught in the Kanal Method and analyzes static magnetic field, radiofrequency magnetic field, and gradient magnetic field safety issue and alerts the user to the level of determined risk. Ideal for any/all sites who ever face the question, "Can I scan a patient with that device/object/foreign body in/on them?"

Emanuel @

Lumify,good innovation was waiting for long time,but why limited to US market only?

Naved @

Mobile App for Radiology professionals - Contrast Media

Imaging patients with renal impairment
Gadolinium-based or iodinated contrast agents: how to make the right choice?
Chronic Kidney Disease: MRI or CT?

Want to learn more about our app? Check this out!

NSF vs. CIN: weighing risks and benefits

It is an easy and convenient way to help you choose the safest contrast agent (iodine or gadolinium) !

App Store

Google Play

If you like it, please share it!

Marc @

Thoracic Radiology Differential Diagnosis Lists - excellent and free. Can't beat that thank you!

Sonam @

Radiology toolbox limited information and not worth 3.99 for practicing radiologist.

Sonam @

My vote, RadsBest. It has most of the ACR supported guidelines, including Fleischner Society and Lung-RADS, as well as staging for many cancers.

Here is a link to a more comprehensive list of radiology apps as compiled by Dr. D'Alessandro. http://www.radiologyebooks.com/

Roy @

By the way, I am the creator of RadsBest ;)

Roy @

RadsBest is great. I am getting a warning from Apple about it slowing down my phone - it suggests that an update is needed.

D @

very nice app, thanks! Consider updating the thyroid section to reflect the new 2015 ATA guidelines?

Robert @

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