The FDA has approved GE Healthcare’s Q.Clear, a technology that GE says improves accuracy when assessing a patient’s response to treatment.

The use of PET imaging in non-small cell lung cancer patients reduced the number of unnecessary surgeries by 50 percent.

Could PET/MR be a better modality than conventional MR and CT for bladder cancer?

The FDA has given clearance to NDS Surgical Imaging for the Dome S6c diagnostic display.

The FDA approved Neuraceq for PET imaging of the brain to identify beta-amyloid neuritic plaque in patients with cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease.

Using NaF-PET to evaluate prostate cancer progression and evidence of osseous metastases allows clinicians to change treatment plans.

PET with [11C]PiB may help clinicians detect amyloid deposits in patients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries.


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