A pooled analysis of three prospective trials showed that post-induction therapy PET-CT scans are highly predictive of progression-free and overall survival in follicular lymphoma patients.

Preoperative imaging of patients with esophageal cancer by PET and MRI may provide higher accuracy in nodal staging.

Using PET-CT compared with CT before surgery for potentially resectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer may not significantly alter surgical management.

GE Healthcare’s Vizamyl, for PET imaging of the brain to estimate beta amyloid neuritic plaque density in cognitively impaired adults, introduced in 7 markets.

The FDA has approved GE Healthcare’s Q.Clear, a technology that GE says improves accuracy when assessing a patient’s response to treatment.

The use of PET imaging in non-small cell lung cancer patients reduced the number of unnecessary surgeries by 50 percent.

Could PET/MR be a better modality than conventional MR and CT for bladder cancer?


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