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RSNA 2013 Slideshow: On the Exhibit Floor

RSNA 2013 Slideshow: On the Exhibit Floor

  • Philips Ingenia 3.0T MR
    The Philips Ingenia 3.0T Magnetic Resonance System is a digital broadband MR. The new system features a 70-cm bore to give patients more space, a digital coil to reduce added weight and ambient light fixtures to service a variety of patients of different ages, sizes and physical conditions.
  • Sony's 4K Ultra HD TV
    Sony's 4K Ultra HD TV aims to provide crisp images with its Dynamic-Edge LED backlight, Motionflow XR 960 technology and HDMI 2.0 support for next-generation 4K video formats.
  • Aspire Cristalle
    Fujifilm Medical Systems Inc. featured its latest women’s health product, the Aspire Cristalle, which included the Aspire Comfort Paddle, designed to improve a mammography patient's comfort. The product is expected to be made commercially available in the U.S. in spring 2014.
  • The RadiForce RX850 is a 31.1-inch color LCD monitor capable of displaying 8 megapixels for multi-modality applications. The RadiForce RX850 is Eizo Corporation's successor of the RadiForce RX840-MG released last year. The improved pixel pitch of 0.1704 mm allows users to view medical images in detail across its 31.1-inch screen. The company also showcased the RadiForce RX650, a 6-megapixel monitor made for viewing a variety of medical images at the same time.
  • Merge Healthcare's iConnect Share
    Merge Healthcare's iConnect Share is an Internet-based system for image sharing between multiple facilities. The program allows users to retrieve images from their local PACS or EHR, eliminating the wait time for receiving images and alleviating format incompatibility.
  • Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.'s Oasis MR
    Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.'s Oasis 1.2T is a high-field open MR that can accommodate a broad spectrum of patient types. Rooted in a patient's need for comfort, the Oasis aims to provide comfort for bariatric and claustrophobic patients, as well as pediatric and geriatric patients who would like comfort from a loved one.
  • Carestream's latest image acquisition software
    Carestream's latest image acquisition software bone-suppression capability, which is 510(k) pending in the U.S., is designed to create a companion image to hide the appearance of posterior ribs and clavicles while enhancing the X-ray visualization of soft tissue in a patient's chest.
  • Carestream's Vue Motion
    Helping physicians and clinicians gain real-time, on-demand access to imaging results and patient data, Carestream's Vue Motion seeks to provide more responsive patient care to medical professionals. The zero-footprint vendor-neutral system uses a web browser or information embedded in an EMR to provide medical professions with access to patient information.
  • GE Healthcare's Revolution CT
    GE Healthcare unveiled its newest CT scanner, Revolution CT. The new scanner aims to enable clinicians to non-invasively capture the human heart, allowing for the diagnosis of more patients with erratic or high heart beats. The machine includes a 16-cm Gemstone Clarity detector for organ coverage and a 0.28-second gantry designed and tested for up to 0.2-second rotation speed.
  • GE's Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System
    GE's Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS) aims to detect cancer in women whose traditional mammograms may be insufficient due to a greater breast density. Tools such as Compression Assist and Reverse Curve hope to further the ease of use for the patient and the machine operator.
  • Agfa HealthCare's next generation Musica
    With an eye toward enhancing both image quality and workflow, Agfa HealthCare's next generation Musica seeks to provide radiologists with more diagnostic information from their images. The machine is able to detail the mediastinum, sharp trabecular and cortical bone structures, as well as subtle details in the abdomen.
  • Afga's Impax Agility
    Afga's Impax Agility program automates task-based clinical productivity through delivering an intuitive interface, using a singular platform and scaling the content to a user's device.
  • Bracco Diagnostics, RealityRx's Nexo software
    Partnering with Bracco Diagnostics, RealityRx developed the Nexo software platform for CT contrast management. The design implements an interesting storytelling technique—the software uses a fully animated brand character that represents the system's capabilities to make it more user-friendly.
  • Siemens Healthcare's Somatom Force
    Siemens Healthcare launched its new Somatom Force dual-source CT scanner, outfitted with less contrast medium to be suited for renal insufficiency patients. The scanner has an acquisition rate of 737 mm/sec and an enlarged 50-cm field-of-view in turbo flash mode.

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