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Ultrasound and Nonradiologists

Should radiologists be threatened by the adoption of point-of-care ultrasound?





The first choice for imaging adult patients with suspected appendicitis varies according to patient demographics and resource availability.

Using ultrasound as part of the FAST assessment for children with blunt abdominal trauma does not appear to improve quality of care.

Subsequent ultrasounds are more likely to occur when non-radiologists read initial ultrasounds in the emergency department than when radiologists read.

Radiographs can provide anatomic evaluation and appropriate starting point when investigating possible musculoskeletal infection.

Researchers determine quantitative ultrasound could be superior to conventional ultrasound for predicting fat acculturation in the liver.

On or around April 1, 1980, someone decided the objective of an ultrasound exam was a set of images. It seems plausible on the surface.


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