Women's Imaging

Analyzing the Options of Breast Imaging Technology

With controversy lingering around mammography, advances in breast imaging may provide safer and more effective options.

Women's Imaging

Women should not worry that regular screening mammograms would increase their risk of radiation-induced breast cancer.

Radiologists can improve their screening of mammograms if they perform the diagnostic screening on cases that they have recalled.

Mammography plus automated breast ultrasonography detects more cancer in women with dense breast tissue.

Biennial screening of women with dense breast tissue using both mammography and tomosynthesis is cost-effective.

Survivors who received radiation to the chest were more likely to develop breast cancer.

50-year-old patient presented for screening mammogram. Extremely dense breast tissue was noted.

Kubtec’s newly approved breast specimen radiography system is the first and only system with tomosynthesis technology, Kubtec announced.


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