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Hazardous Materials, Patient Safety, and No Training

Some states don't require radiologic technologists to have any formal education or training.

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[VIDEO] Addressing quality improvement in radiology while changing how we care for patients.

EMR vendors threaten the cardiology imaging informatics field.

How to play chess with the big wigs in your radiology group.

A twist for positioning patients.

A radiologist longs for the “mom and pop” days of healthcare.

Other states are expected to adopt variations of California’s radiation safety law, but is the law really protecting patients?

[INFOGRAPHIC] With medical school debt, fewer and lower paying jobs, and a general dark cloud around the field, how are radiologists faring?

Case Studies

Case History: 37-year-old female with headaches.

Case History: 20-year-old male with history of head injury followed by reduced hearing in the left ear.

From Physicians Practice

With insurance changes and the increase in use of controlled substances, it can be hard for physicians to separate the drug seekers from those truly in need.

The American Medical Association's recommendations to boost EHR usability are touchy-feely, but none really get to the heart of what's wrong with systems.

High-income earners sometimes transfer substantial amounts of family assets to their nonworking spouses. Here's why this is a big mistake.

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