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Making Dollars and Sense of Radiology's Value

Payment is shifting to focus on quality; how do we measure the value of a radiologist?

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Bedside ultrasound competency assessment of emergency medicine residents varies considerably throughout the U.S.

One can only hope that a grade school education is required to order an imaging study.

The shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements leaves many radiologists questioning, how will their value be measured?

For this 10 Questions series, we spoke with Vijay M. Rao, MD, FACR about her job and the future of radiology.

A drop in the number of CT scans performed on inpatients and reduction of radiation doses lowered the estimated rate of induced cancers.

Study identifies lowest possible radiation dose that still allows for detection of pleural effusions, thickening and calcification.

Case Studies

Case History: 29-year-old female, five days postpartum, presented with painful swelling and palpable lump.

Case History: 45-year-old female with vague pain in the abdomen.

Chronic kidney disease is common in patients with diabetes and can complicate treatment, but several agents may help. Here the focus is on incretin therapies.

From Physicians Practice

Knowing how many support staff you need will help you manage your practice and assist you in making good financial decisions.

The patient experience is playing a growing role in medical practice reimbursement, physician certification, and payment incentives.

Understanding the terms and provisions within your disability policy will help you determine if you have the right coverage for your needs.

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