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The Subspecialty Paradox

Radiologists need a subspecialty to get a job, but they aren't using that training on the job.

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Use of tomosynthesis has resulted in more benign breast cancer diagnoses, study finds.

The number of false positives and callbacks dropped with peer review of screening mammography, according to a study at ACR 2016.

Quantifying images is straightforward, except when it’s not.

Radiologists who provide reports in person in the ED improve working relationships with emergency physicians, according to a study at ACR 2016.

The language used in radiology reports can be ambiguous, leading patients to misunderstand the results, according to a study at ACR 2016.

Orders for radiography may decrease when patients are provided with radiography safety information, according to a study at ACR 2016.

Common myths about barriers to patient-centered radiology debunked, from ACR 2016.

Case Studies

Case History: 42-year-old male with pain in left ear with occasional bleeding for one year.

Case History: 57-year-old patient presented with left flank pain.

Case History: 20-year-old male with originally painless swelling of right cheek that has become painful.

From Physicians Practice

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In announcing its Comprehensive Primary Care Plus model, CMS showed it has somewhat learned from its first go round.

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Mentoring is an important aspect of your career development as a physician. Dr. Hoffman shares how his uncle shaped the way he saw medicine from an early age.


As healthcare moves towards a value-based reimbursement system, physicians need to be trained on analytics to better serve patients.

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