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ICD-10 is Coming

Here's what radiology professionals need to know to prepare.

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Interactive map with general radiologic technologist requirements across the country.

Access to imaging, particularly MRI and some forms of CT, vary considerably across the United States.

A guide for radiology staff for making the use of direct digital radiography more efficient.

Case History: 37-year-old female with headaches.

Patients undergoing MRI may have lessened anxiety if the procedure is well-explained.

Cerebrovascular reserve testing via transcranial Doppler ultrasound useful in identifying asymptomatic patients with carotid artery stenosis at risk for stroke.

Radiology and cardiology informatics vendors are less concerned with interoperability in the U.S.

Case Studies

Case History: 37-year-old female with headaches.

Case History: 20-year-old male with history of head injury followed by reduced hearing in the left ear.

From Physicians Practice

Attending a conference shouldn't be done on the fly. If you prepare ahead of time and have a plan, you'll get the most value for your time.

Physicians in small practice need to explore how they can survive in a changing financial environment.

Thinking about outsourcing? Here are five situations where it is not a good idea.

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