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Who Are the Top People in Radiology 2016?

This year, the contest features two categories: Rising Star (First 10 years of career) and Lifetime Achievement (30+ years in radiology).

Tell us about someone with great potential or who did something great for the radiology field and you could win a $100 gift card.


Recent Content

When everything works out in radiology.

A recent NEJM article focused on the growing rates and implications of overdiagnosis in breast cancer.

With reimbursement tied to patient experience, imaging practices are innovating their patient surveys.

Combined PET/MRI may help detect some but not all metastases from breast cancer.

Case History: 37-year-old patient presented with headache and muscle weakness in legs.

More women with dense breast tissue underwent supplemental screening following implementation of the New Jersey Breast Density Law.

Making up for misbehaving in radiology.

Case Studies

Case History: 37-year-old patient presented with headache and muscle weakness in legs.

Case History: A 45-year-old patient presented with history of abdominal distension.

Case History: Four-year-old patient with complaints of altered sensorium.

From Physicians Practice

Reviewing your software programs, logins, and EHR users can not only save you money, it should be a quarterly requirement in your medical practice.

Copy and paste can speed up patient charting in the EHR, but physicians and staff must be wary of propagating errors. Here are key factors to consider.


The data has begun to back what one PA has known for quite some time, PAs and NPs can make a difference in caring for a patient with chronic disease.

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