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Watson Sets Sights on Imaging

Sixteen vendor and radiology practice partners join Watson Health's Medical Imaging Collaborative.



Recent Content

Vanity license plates in radiology.

Not exactly how teleradiology works.

SIIM 2016 provides a reality check on the deconstructed deployment model for PACS

MRI with gadolinium contrast is not associated with increased rates of Parkinson’s disease.

Annual follow-up with CT for nonsolid nodules detected during lung cancer screening reduces need for biopsies.

But what radiologists do with the mistakes is even more important.

Functional MR imaging shows increased response in the brain after administration of low-dose methylene blue.

Case Studies

Case History: 54-year-old female with large palpable breast mass filling most of the left breast.

Case History: 73-year-old male with lower limb muscle pain on left side during physical activity.

Case History: 28-year-old, G1P0, 12 weeks gestation with dark vaginal discharge.

From Physicians Practice

Stricter government standards for the FCA suggest that physicians who do not meet all measures of compliance could be required to refund claims payment.

In our recurring blog "Inbox" we share comments from physicians and practice administrators telling us what keeps them awake at night.

Healthcare reform promises to improve care, reduce cost, and afford more people access to care. But at what cost will those goals come?

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