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Should We Fear Machines?

Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists?



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Radiation used for medical imaging is not harmful, according to a recent study.

Meditation and music during imaging-guided breast biopsy can change the woman's experience.

53-year-old BRCA2 positive patient presented for bilateral screening breast MRI.

Will radiologists eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence?

Image interpretation and accuracy may be effectively measured with a new software program.

CHICAGO—Advice given at RSNA 2015 about how to teach radiology residents and fellows about business.

Diffusion-tensor MRI algorithm may help physicians evaluate patients with mild traumatic brain injury and post-trauma migraines.

Case Studies

Video: The lesion bleeds easily and grows back quickly when "knocked off."

Case History: 24-year-old male with complaints of shoulder pain, slowly increasing swelling for five years.

Case History: 44-year-old patient presented with complaint of lump in right breast for four months.

From Physicians Practice


Physicians know what true "interoperability" means, but they have to deal with a misguided definition from the health IT industry.


New Jersey is already a primary-care physician shortage area. A new state plan makes the problem worse by giving state employees special status.

Having trouble keeping the noise down at your medical practice to reduce distractions? The Civility CEO has some advice for you.

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