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Radiologists and Poor Financial Decisions

Why radiologists have reputations as poor money managers and tips on how to fix bad habits.


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Using MRI to screen patients at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer is effective in detecting early cancers.

In radiology, and all of medicine, are we implementing technology to satisfy mandates without realizing its real potential?

FDG PET may not be valuable for all breast cancer histologies.

Digital breast tomosynthesis is effective in detecting breast cancer overall, but particularly so in dense breast tissue.

Reading X-rays is turning this radiologist back into a dayhawk.

The tomosynthesis option for the Siemens’ MAMMOMAT Inspiration digital mammography system received FDA approval.

A presentation at ARRS looked at whether surgeons are really following the USPSTF guidelines.

Case Studies

Case History: 43-year-old female with right upper abdominal pain and discomfort after eating.

Case History: 7-year-old female with complaints of convulsions for one year.

RM is an active 78-year-old woman with no complaints about her health or her medications. Then she tells you about her home blood glucose readings.

From Physicians Practice

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I know it is April, but I finally made a New Year's resolution. I will start being proactive about my procrastination.

There is a "big three" of financial planning that are musts for young physicians beginning their careers.

To stay solvent, practices will need to work smarter and refine staff roles so that all employees are working to the top of their license.

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