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Who Are the Top People in Radiology 2016?

This year, the contest features two categories: Rising Star (First 10 years of career) and Lifetime Achievement (30+ years in radiology).

Tell us about someone with great potential or who did something great for the radiology field and you could win a $100 gift card.


Recent Content

How to spot a radiologist a mile away.

The patients that have become regulars.

Few hospitals offer online material regarding mammograms that are easily understood by the general public.

The four different types of radiologists.

Use of machine learning algorithms to read thyroid nodule ultrasounds helpful, particularly for less experienced radiologists.

Radiologists' use of CAD systems as a second reader to catch missed nodules during lung cancer screening.

Case History: Fourteen-year-old presented with complaints of seizure.

Case Studies

Case History: Fourteen-year-old presented with complaints of seizure.

Case History: 55-year-old male with burning urination, hypertension, left flank pain, weight loss.

Case History: 27-year-old male with worsening vision in the left eye for five months.

From Physicians Practice

The presidential candidates have diametrically opposed positions on healthcare and Congress may be the culprit for out-of-control drug costs.


Based on the evolution of the field, medical billers have to adapt or they'll find themselves out of a job.

The complete results to this year's Great American Physician Survey and more, revealing just where physicians stand with the profession of medicine in 2016.

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