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Mergers and Acquisitions in Radiology

Everything radiologists need to know about the continuing trend of mergers and acquisitions.

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Longing for the days when the radiology department was alive with discussion.

MRI distinguishes brain lesions, possibly supplementing existing diagnostic algorithms

In radiology, who is That Guy?

Improve satisfaction scores in the radiology department with a simple task.

Screening CTC rarely finds extracolonic findings among asymptomatic patients, but many are clinically significant.

At RSNA 2015, it was clear that machine learning and radiomics are in radiology’s future.

How pediatric radiologists can identify and address child abuse.

Case Studies

Case History: 44-year-old patient presented with complaint of lump in right breast for four months.

Case History: 42-year-old patient presents with complaints of headache.

Case History: 40-year-old patient lump on left side of back.

From Physicians Practice

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This MD misses the day when the decisions in care were made by her — the doctor — and the patients. Today, the insurance company has a say.

How can practices know what they are getting paid, if they are not tracking payer reimbursements and running financial reports?

Knowing where you should focus your attention is important. Here are six reports that will tell you what you need to know to run your practice well.

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