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State of the Radiology Job Market

Our 2016 update.


Recent Content

A culture of patient safety and fewer medical errors.

Job openings for radiologists predicted to grow 16% in 2016.

Case History: 22-year-old patient presents with cough and breathlessness.

Children who repeatedly undergo MRI with GBCA experience higher levels of signal intensity.

Upgrading technology used to be fun.

This series focuses on what it’s like to be a radiologist in a variety of settings. Here, we focused on academic radiology.

Health care technology management teams can help administrators manage imaging.

Case Studies

Case History: 22-year-old patient presents with cough and breathlessness.

Case History: 27-year-old patient presented with history of seizures.

Case History: 22-year-old female with bilateral lower limb weakness for 25 days.

From Physicians Practice

Physicians may understand they need help with certain practice issues, but may not know to go about securing that help. Here's how to get started.

Mark Hertling

Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling talks with Physicians Practice about his transition from the military battlefield to healthcare in this two-part Q&A.


HIEs are increasingly connecting providers centered around primary-care, but what about behavioral data?

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