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The New Patient Experience Survey

With imaging reimbursement tied to patient experience, imaging practices are innovating their patient experience surveys.


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Preoperative MRI may help find more cancer sites among women whose cancer was detected by screening ultrasound.

Putting someone else’s words in the radiology report.

Radiologists can do more to increase awareness about breast cancer.

Equipping imaging leaders with the skills they need to lead successful groups.

Case History: Fifty-eight-year-old patient presented with history of vomiting.

MRI shows brain changes in children who play football even if not diagnosed with concussion.

Case Studies

Case History: Fifty-eight-year-old patient presented with history of vomiting.

Case History: 37-year-old patient presented with headache and muscle weakness in legs.

Case History: A 45-year-old patient presented with history of abdominal distension.

From Physicians Practice


CMS is expanding the number of practices that can take part in the Advanced Payment Model pathway in MACRA.

Noncompliant patients could hurt physician quality scores under MACRA and reduce their compensation. How will that affect the doctor-patient relationship?

Keith Chew

For independent practices worried the future means merging or an acquisition, collaboration may be the key to survival.

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