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Radiologists, Referring Physicians: It's Time To Work Together

Radiologists and referring physicians have a lot to offer one another.

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UPDATED. Many states have laws on breast density notification after mammography screening – but not all notification is the same.

Chest CT follow-ups recommended by radiologists following chest radiograph result in clinically relevant findings.

A majority of malpractice cases in radiology are a result of failure to diagnose or communicate.

In decision support for imaging studies, who calls the shots?

Computer-generated patient histories are more thorough, organized, and useful than physician-written histories.

Routinely adding ultrasound to screening for breast cancer for women with dense breasts is not cost-effective.

Case Studies

Case History: 40-year-old patient with one-week history of seizure and altered sensorium.

Case History: 52-year-old woman with 12-month history of right upper quadrant pain and no other symptoms.

Case History: 82-year-old male presented with acute onset of right inguinal region mass.

From Physicians Practice

Look no further than the recent issue of JAMA for evidence that physician mandates are not beneficial, but paternalistic and coercive.

The overwhelming tendency is for deeper and deeper specialization within certain medical specialties. I believe the need for super-generalists is being overlooked.

Don't have the resources to employ a hiring professional at your medical practice? Here's how to master the hiring process on your own.

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