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Top Radiology Apps 2017

Our 2017 round-up.


Recent Content

Examples of ergonomic radiology reading rooms.

CAD-measured peak enhancement at preoperative MRI of women with primary operable breast cancer and outcomes.

Experts at AHRA 2017 discuss how employee engagement improves radiology patient experience.

Rates of colorectal cancer screening via CT colonography are higher when patients have health insurance policies that cover the screening.

Case History: 62-year-old with history of breathlessness.

Synthetic vs digital 2D mammograms in assessing breast tissue density.

A high-level overview of imaging informatics for the radiology administrator, from AHRA 2017.

Case Studies

Case History: 62-year-old with history of breathlessness.

Case History: 50-year-old patient with ovarian cancer and total abdominal hysterectomy presented with urinary incontinence.

Case History: 45-year-old patient presented with history of abdominal discomfort.

From Physicians Practice


An independent physician and a health IT executive join the podcast to talk about the current landscape of technology in medicine.


A physician receives a hefty out-of-pocket medical bill and ponders what other patients in his situation are forced to do.


Enthusiastic dialogue between healthcare professionals and technology experts bodes well for the health IT industry.

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