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Analyzing the Options of Breast Imaging Technology

With controversy lingering around mammography, advances in breast imaging may provide safer and more effective options.


Patients seeking prices for radiography examinations may face delays and variability, according to a study presented at ACR 2016.

Cervical spine radiography numbers down, but CT use climbing, according to a study presented at ACR 2016.

Case History: 57-year-old patient presented with left flank pain.

Performing sacrum and coccyx X-rays in the ED generally has no direct impact on patient care.

Case History: 20-year-old male with originally painless swelling of right cheek that has become painful.

Researchers have developed a set of standards to allow for consistent postmortem identification.

ECR 2016 reveals no end in sight to the commoditization trend in CT, but few lights of hope.


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